What I do to unwind my mind



There are a few things I like to do to unwind my mind. I try to ensure I do as many things that make me feel good as often as possible. It makes such a difference.

  •  Sit by an open window and just take some time out to stop.
  • I like to paint, draw and write poems.
  • Just take some time to walk aimlessly with no plan or route.
  •  Reflect in a journal on all the amazing , beautiful and small things that have happened to me that day
  •  Spend time “just being” in the company of loved ones.
  • Make something for someone else (a card, a meal, a present)
  •  Play the piano or the guitar.
  •  Mindful meditation.
  •  Read and reflect on inspiring thoughts or quotes.
  •  Take a nap.

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