Book recommendation: Yes Man- Danny Wallace

danny wallace yes man

Sometimes you just need some light-hearted reading. Newspapers are full of bad news, and all magazines seem to be full of these days are Jordan and Peter’s breakup, which was interesting (or not) for like 5 minutes.

So this week’s recommendation is the book Yes Man by Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace- the author/tv presenter/ whatever pays-the bills, is one guy who has had a number of successful books documenting his weird and wacky exploits.

Yes Man has recently been made into a film starring Jim Carrey which was a worldwide hit at the box-office. Now, I havn’t seen the film- as Jim Carrey annoys me, but the book is worth a look.

Wallace’s writing style is easy to follow, and is the kind of book which would be perfect for lounging by the pool, or reading on a bus. The San Francisco Bay Guardian describes it as: “One of those rare books that actually has the potential to change your life…”

If you are a bit cynical about reading a book on just one recommendation, it has 99 customer reviews on Amazon with an average of 4 and a half stars- which is pretty good!

The blurb on the back describes the book as:

Yes Man

‘I, Danny Wallace, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write this manifesto for my life. I swear I will be more open to opportunity. I swear I will live my life taking every available chance. I will say Yes to every favour, request, suggestion and invitation. I Will Swear To Say Yes Where Once I Would Say No.’

 Danny Wallace had been staying in. Far too much. Having been dumped by his girlfriend, he really wasn’t doing the young, free and single thing very well. Instead he was avoiding people. Texting them Instead of calling them. Calling them Instead of meeting them. That is until that one fateful date when a mystery man on a late-night bus told him to ‘Say Yes more’. These three simple words changed Danny’s life forever. Yes Man is the story of what happened when Danny decided to say Yes to everything, in order to make his life more interesting. And boy, did it get more interesting.


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