The system is failing our young people

 As the second young person dies by suicide in Donegal in just two weeks- why is no-one asking why we have failed our young people?

Why is more not being done to help young people when they are going through a tough time? It makes me so sad when I hear of a young life lost to suicide, but most of all it makes me ANGRY.

 I have no doubt that the reason Donegal has such a high suicide rate is due to the fact that waiting lists for professional help are just far too long. How can being put on a waiting list of up to six months be called an adequate service? Your mental health cannot be treated the same way as an ache or a pain- you cannot treat it with a few painkillers and hope it goes away.

Unfortunately, for the few brave people who do find the courage to ask their doctor for help, they are sent away with a prescription for anti-depressants which may help, but do take a while to work- and even when they do work are not the solution to everything.

Headstrong, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, is currently revolutionising the way youth mental health is treated in Ireland. They have set up Jigsaw centres around the country in order to treat young people in youth friendly environments with staff who understand the needs of young people.

Check out to have a look around the Galway centre.

It would be amazing if we could have a similar centre in Donegal, and I have no doubt that it would be a HUGE difference.

Do YOU need help? Check out our mental health directory!


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