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Go us..... Over 810 views

Thanks a million to everyone who has checked out Unwind Your Mind.

We have received over 810 visits- which is great considering we only use Facebook as a promotion tool, and this is just a project which I am involved with in my spare time (which is dramatically less now lol )

We have also set up a Facebook cause entitled We need PROPER mental health supports for young people- and have over 200 members so far which is GREAT. Join us via our Facebook page!

For too long young people in Ireland have been subjected to poor mental health services, or evern worse NONE at all. Young People are the Ireland of the future, therefore it is ESSENTIAL that they are given the adequate supports to ensure they journey into adulthood.

Far too many young people are currently suffering in silence, and see no bright future ahead of themselves. However, with a bit of support ths can be changed. We need a system designed for young people that inludes the input of young people.

Suicide is the biggest killer of our young people- even worse than road deaths- but yet there’s only a small fraction spent on improving this. So let’s make some noise- and kick up a fuss. Wait are you waiting for??

So how can you help?

Join our Facebook cause -We need PROPER mental health supports for young people

Subscribe to our blog – (You don’t need to fill in some long form-we just needyour email- it’s simple!)

Pester your friends to join too! As Mrs Doyle would say, Ah Go on…. Go on, Go on Go on…..


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