Expressing the affect of suicide through music

Listen to these powerful lyrics by three young guys from Finglas who have lost friends to suicide. I thought this would be appropriate seeing as it is self-harm awareness day today.

This video is taken from the launch a couple of years ago- but is still just as powerful as ever.

You can hear ‘It’s my life on the Finglas rapper’s Myspace page- 

It really is worth listening to the lyrics- as the lads really express how difficult it is to go through a tough time.

Check out for  more info.


3 thoughts on “Expressing the affect of suicide through music

  1. Yea i agree Marie, words with music are such a powerful tool and one nearly everyone has the skills to do it even if they dont realise it! As for young men expressing themselves, it was a young man who was 17 at the time that changed the whole direction of our project, we went from singing about gettting “stuck in a lift in the ballymun flats” to hearing about the “Dangerous Games” people play when they take drugs all because of him opening up and having the courage to express himself…I dont think there was a dry eye in the room 🙂 ha you mean more than the two little essays I’ve written as comments :p but yea sure thing

  2. I’ve heard these guys loads of time and they are still doing themselves proud,It’s amazing seeing them letting it all out on stage. I can personally relate to this as i did a music project that was funded by suicide provention and i saw how all my friends mainly teenage boys grew and matured and had the confidence and trust to express themselves to the group, I would recommend music or lyric writting for anyone to help sort their heads out

    1. As someone who uses writing a LOT to express what’s going on in their head I totally agree Daire. But both music and writing combined is such a powerful tool- and it’s very rare to get young men in particular to express themselves like the guys in the video. Your project sound REALLY interesting. Would you be interested in writing something about it?

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