It’s not just you! Well-known people suffer too

Everyone suffers from depression at some stage- even those who look like they have it all! Some people find it reassuring to see that someone they admire has gone through a similar experience to them- so when you feel like you’re the only person who has ever felt so crap- remember some of the famous names below.

Famous statesmen

Winston Churchill was famously plagued by his “black dog” and was recently voted the top British prime minister of the 20th century. Other famous politicians believed to have been affected include Abraham Lincoln and Oliver Cromwell.

Creative geniuses

Vincent van Gogh was famously troubled as well as superbly gifted. So were Ludwig van Beethoven and Isaac Newton.


How much might their depression have contributed to the characterisation and art of writers like Edgar Allen Poe, Evelyn Waugh, Sylvia Plath and Ernest Hemingway?

Irish author Marian Keyes has been in the news recently following reports of her ‘deep depression’ which has left her unable to write or even do the simplest of things. You can read her blog where she documents her battle with depression


A clown is a sad person who makes us laugh. Tony Hancock, Spike Milligan and John Cleese are famous “clowns”. Spike Milligan wrote a bout his struggle with bipolar affective disorder (“manic depression”) and John Cleese co-authored an accessible, useful book with family therapist Robin Skynner, called Families and how to survive them.

Irish comedian Des Bishop has also spoke of a battle with depression, as has Stephen Fry who has a well-documented battle with Bi-polar disorder.

Modern celebrities

Despite having glamorous lifestyles and being feted the world over, celebrities such as Natalie Imbruglia, Elle Macpherson, Brooke Shields and Sheryl Crow have all experienced depression. Britney Spear has had a well documented battle with Bipolar-disorder, and Amy Winehouse is infamous for her drug addiction, self-harm and eating disorder.


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