How I unwind my mind #2


Every so often we hope to have guest bloggers on the Unwind Your Mind blog. Our first guest blogger is Yvonne who has put together a great list of things she likes to do to help her feel good.

The list is so good that we have split it into two parts, with part two to follow next week.

If you too would like to put together a list of things you do to make you feel good, please email them to

Things that help ME to feel good

By Yvonne

Smiling > I smile even when I really don’t feel like it but after a few fake ones you realise that they come more naturally and you are inclined to laugh more, and feel ‘lifted’

Achknowledgment > Often we can feel our efforts are unseen. I try not to depend on others for praise and instead take personal pride in praising myself. I remind myself that everybody’s challenges are unique to them and if I achieve something small, whether it’s showing up on time, I am pleased with myself.

Gratitude Notebook> A place where you can write down every positive thing that has happened in your day, big or small. eg.phoned a friend, made extra effort at work, fed your body well, asked questions.

Your voice > You have a functioning mind, a voice and the gift of feeling emotion. When times are tough I USE my voice and reach out. I am prepared knowing that sometimes people do not have the resources to give you what you need and so I alternate with friends.

Cheesy Songs > Old school tunes cannot be beaten!! 🙂 Even in the most dire of moods you can’t help but feel better. They can be SO corny but also link your mind to the good associations! You can’t help but feel good with the likes of Aqua, Steps, Spice Girls, Boyzone.

Observe > ALL the time there are birds in trees building nests, there are babies being born, people in love, waters flowing,stars glowing. I take time to SEE what’s happening all around me and appreciate that there is as much beauty as there is evil in this world. Search hard because it’s ALL around.

Listen > I’ve learned so much about myself through others and carefully listening. Everybody has a story, everybody has things that they can improve upon.

Questioning and Acceptance > Never stop challenging your mind. This life is a blink. Accept talents that you have and enhance upon them and also accept your flaws. You have to accept yourself for what you are if you want to make significant changes.

Cheer somebody > I always find that writing a nice card or letter to a friend gets me in a better mood. Also treating yourself or others to thoughtful things eg.daffodils, their favourite chocolate bar, a little token/keepsake, invite for coffee


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