Make My Day-

Check out some of the SpunOut Crew along with a bunch of lovely volunteers from Google Ireland spreading the good vibes and lifting the spirits of unsuspecting passersby.

Take a peek here for more on SpunOut’s Make My Day campaign!

When asked ‘May I give you a compliment?’ some said ‘No thanks, I already have one’, or ‘Not today, thanks’ thinking we were selling something. Eek!

Thankfully, most realised that the only thing we were ‘selling’ was free compliments and honest to goodness positive messages.

Check it out:

And a little ditty about us in the Irish Times: Goodwill Galore on Grafton Street!

You can keep the Make My Day campaign alive and kicking by passing on a compliment of your own to a friend, fam, neighbour, or even a stranger.

Trust us, the feel good factor goes both ways to giver and receiver of the good vibes!


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