How did we get here?

I’m Gillian and from Dublin. I’ve found that living in a busy suburb means I have to find ways to unwind in my own home. Feeling safe is a big help in relaxing myself. I’m always experimenting with new methods of relaxing and unwinding.

Have you ever stood still for a moment and wondered how you’d gotten there, to that moment, that place, that age, that situation?
I’m fortunate to have received some great techniques for stopping myself, pausing everything, and bringing myself back to the present moment. Sometimes it works better than others, but for the most part it calms me down, something someone like me, who over thinks, needs a lot!

I’ve had a very busy few weeks, mentally, emotionally and physically. All faucets of my life have been through the mills but I’m back, standing on strong feet.

The technique I want to share with you comes from an ancient technique, one that is widely known and practiced. I learnt this technique a year go and I’ve seen vast improvements in myself.

I call it a Stop. Basically it does what it says on the tin.

Sit or stand comfortably, hands relaxed.

Feel the weight of your body on the chair or on your legs.

Listen to the sounds within the room.

Listen to your breathing, in and out, feel it go into your lungs, nourishing your body.

Listen to outside the room, what can you hear?

If your mind wanders bring it back to now gently, listening to your breath in and out.

You can adapt this exercise to your needs, doing a micro-stop or a longer maxi-stop. The effects are calming, it brings you back and centres you.


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