Coping in the aftermath of Donegal’s latest tragedy

I awoke this morning to hear the tragic news that eight more lives had been lost on the roads in Donegal.

Like everyone around the whole country I was horrified at the number of lives that were lost needlessly.

Unfortunately, up here in Donegal- losing young men to a car crash is the norm.

Today, the whole county was in mourning with everyone talking about the tragic accident everywhere you went.

My first response was obviously sadness, that then changed to ‘not again’ and ‘when will they ever learn’.

But today is not about discussing the whys and the hows- it’s about grieving for the needless loss of life.

This tragic event has not only touched the families and friends of those involved, but has impacted on those in emergency services, the people of Donegal, and the whole of Ireland.

The Health Service Executive has set up a 24-hour telephone information service for members of the community affected by the tragedy at: 087 2798412.

If this tragic accident has left you feeling vulnerable or in need of some support- please check out our Support Services Directory.

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4 thoughts on “Coping in the aftermath of Donegal’s latest tragedy

  1. To all the families and friends of those involved in this dreadful accident my heart and soul goes out to you. I have been there twice myself and i am well aware of the feelings that you all are going through at this moment and will through in the future days, weeks and months. I lost a cousin and uncle in similar circumstances and it is shocking and uncomprehensable as well as the sicking grief. Many lives have been lost on our roads and many people among our community will recall the loved ones that they have lost in times gone bye. My only prayer is that all will unite and support and pray for those that grieve for the wonderful men that have passed to a happier place this weekend. For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision glory and today well lived makes every yesterday a vision of happiness and every tomorrow a hope. Live well therefore to today.

  2. This latest tragedy in our beautiful Co Donegal of so many beautiful lives is not attributible to the Gardai, in response to some comments that I have read. We are humans and not one person set out to do any harm last night. I wish to extend my sincere symathy to all affected by this tragic loss of life.

    So many Irish families in the past have had all their children in the car with their parents which may have legally overcrowded the car. Also many of us also overcrowed cars getting lifts from dances etc.. None of us should stand in judgement of these young people in what may be considered an overcrowed car. It may be said that with all the previous tragedy Donegal and especially Inishowen has experienced that we should be more aware. . educated. However that old saying remains true – cannot put old heads on young shoulders. Please do not start blaming. . life is hard.

    1. I totally agree- now is not the time for blame. But there has to be questions asked as to why Donegal is continuously top of the road fatalities list.
      my heart goes out to everyone who has been touched by the accident- but in order for this not to happen again we need to ask the hard questions no matter how hard that may be.But those questions are not for now but later

      If one thing comes out of this tragic accident- I hope it is that no community ever has to experience a tragedy like it again. Like most people in Donegal my community has lost many young people to the road too, two just a few weeks ago. We need to sit down and work together so this is no longer the norm.

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