More young lives lost to the road

Like everyone around the country I was horrified to hear the tragic news that four more young lives have been lost on Irish roads.

It immediately brought back memories of the Inishowen road tragedy just a few months ago, where 8 young lives were lost in similar circumstances. It makes me sad to think that another community has to feel the same overwhelming grief we experience so often in Donegal.

One must ask why such a tragic accident has happened again. Why are we losing so many young lives to the road? What can we do to stop this phenomenon?

 There needs to be some serious questions asked, and the government, local authorities and whole communities need to come together to in an effort to fight against this needless loss of life.

But today is not about discussing the whys and the hows- it’s about grieving for the needless loss of  young lives.

This tragic event has not only touched the families and friends in Kerry, but the whole of Ireland. It has also stirred up the emotions of people in Donegal who are still raw from the loss of lives  on our county’s roads.

It has come to the stage where every mother, father, brother and sister prays that their family will return home safe each time they get in a car. No community should lose their young people to the road. No community should have to bury their young people following a horrific road crash.

Let’s bring this needless loss of life to an end.


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If this tragic accident has left you feeling vulnerable or in need of some support- please check out our Support Services Directory.

 ©Marie Duffy for Unwind Your Mind


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