SpunOut.ie – Celebs talk about stress

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Celebs talk about stress

We asked some well known personalities: “When you’re stressed out, what do you do to relax?”

Here are their answers:

“I simply watch television.  I really enjoy football and the ‘soaps’.”
Robbie Keane – Footballer

“I relax by rubbing my backside vigorously against a tree for about an hour.  Sometimes I follow this activity with a bath (preferably in dandelion sap) and some bandages.” 
Ardal O’Hanlon – Comedian

“Well, it might seem weird but movies have always been a great escape for me. Sometimes it’s the only way to get my brain to 100% switch off work or whatever it is that’s stressing me! Reading helps too (although surfing the ‘net only seems to make me worse weirdly!) or just spending an evening with friends at home. Weirdest of all I sometimes to work to bust stress! Again if it’s not work related stress sometimes the best thing to do is go on air for a couple of hours and have to completely focus on the task at hand… Weird, but that’s me!” 
Rick O’ Shea – DJ  2FM

“When I’m stressed out I find that if I do some kind of exercise like going for a run, or a long walk helps to clear my head and think things through a bit more calmly.  If I’m away somewhere and I haven’t got my running shoes then a roasting hot bath is the next best thing with a million candles!” 
Brian Kennedy – Singer

“When I’m feeling really under pressure I do a bit of deep breathing and think about Farrah Fawcett. Her life makes mine seem like a sunny stroll.  While every cloud has a silver lining, other peoples’ clouds are pure gold.” 
Graham Norton – Comedian

“Stress in my job is par for the course.  I can’t avoid it but I can manage it.  I recommend leaving the situation, getting a breath of fresh air or going for a short walk. You will always have a different perspective when you return.”
Sharon Ní Bheolain – Network 2 News presenter

“I like to go to the gym sometimes, or head off to the beach – just to get by myself for a while.  I find that breathing deeply and gardening helps.  Chopping wood is also good as I like being outside.” 
Juliette Turner – Singer

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