Eating cookies like Cookie Monster (via 1000 Awesome Things)

This is a great website to put a smile on your face. It’s pretty well-known and has won numerous awards, and been featured by everyone from BBC to CNN. It has a list of 1,000 awesome things- and it makes me smile everytime I click on it.

A list of 1,000 things is a bit much- but how about you take a few minutes out to write down ten things that you love to do. Please leave some comments below and share your list.


#935 Eating cookies like Cookie Monster It sure is a sign of gluttonous satisfaction when you find yourself home alone, slouching on the couch in front of the TV with your eyes half open, a steady trail of cookie crumbs dripping from your mouth onto your shirt and pants, chocolate smears on your lips and fingers, and the telltale cookie package laying beside you, the plastic tray peeled all the way out of the bag, entire rows laying vacant except for a bit of brown dust and maybe a rog … Read More

via 1000 Awesome Things


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