Dance like No-one’s Watching

Do you remember dancing to your favourite song as a child? You didn’t care who was watching, it didn’t matter if you were in a bad mood- the minute that song came on you were on cloud nine. You didn’t care about looking silly, or worry about your dance moves- you were just so content bopping around the floor.

Ever wish you could recapture that feeling?

Below is a video of a friend of mine Millie (isn’t she so adorable) dancing to her favourite song- All the Single Ladies. No matter how many times that song comes on Millie will dance her ass off. The night the video was taken she must have danced for two hours straight, no matter how often it was played she was still distraught each time it finished.

Take some time over the next few days to do something that makes you feel as good as  Millie does when she listens to Beyonce. There’s no doubt it’s difficult but this week take some time to re-capture the innocence and joy of childhood.


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