What do you do to unwind your mind?


By Celia

I like to look for one little thing to feel happy about, no matter how small.

– I love to see the colour yellow, I’m so thankful my son had a good mark, I’m glad I know someone else who experienced panic attacks and that I can  share with them.
One little thing I can change for the better: On my knees I can rub one stain off the floor, stuck in bed I can breathe deeply and picture sunshine on the beach.
One little thing I can do for someone else: text a friend to say what I like best about them.
All begins with saying WHAT I WANT. I LET GO of the need to fight. I look after number one  (breathe, drink water, eat, rest, wash, etc), I look for the simplest thing I can do, because EASY DOES IT.

Remember, life is about fun.


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