Don’t Dis-my-ability

Since the age of 5 Bill Shannon has been using crutches. Instead of feeling handicapped, he has turned walking on crutches into an art form. In this video, watch Bill take it to the street, dance, skate and more — all to challenge images of disability through performance art. On the streets, they call him Crutch.



4 thoughts on “Don’t Dis-my-ability

  1. Great job on the articles; you appear to know a whole
    lot. My query is slightly off of subject, but I’d like to ask anyways… where did you obtain this theme from? I’d
    personally love to use it on my web site if at all possible.

    1. Hello Marie – thank you for this post. I’ve never heard of “Crutch” and I will be looking into this story more to relate it to my thoughts on dis-ability as stated on my blog. I’ll be popping in to check out more of your blog! Colleen

      1. Thanks COlleen 🙂 If I remember correct he also featured on a tv advertisement for Nike or some big company. At the time I didn’t realise that the man actually used the crutches all the time- I thought it was just for the ad. Make sure to come back and visit again 🙂

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