Just Do It!

Why is it we always have an excuse for everything? I know I do…

‘I can’t go to the gym because my ipod is broken’, ‘I can’t go cos I’ve just eaten’, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’

It can be about fitness, losing weight, writing a blog post, doing some work

You name it, I’ll have an excuse.

But have you ever thought of the possibilities of life without those excuses? Have you considered what great things you might actually achieve?

I’ve decided that 2011 will be a year in which I push my boundaries. I’m going to try to stop all those excuses. I’m going to change those ‘I can’ts’ to ‘I cans’. I might  succeed. Or I might even fail a few times- but either way I tried.

The below video is an advertisement for Nike which challenges all those excuses you’ve ever come up with- it’s worth a watch. Let it challenge your thinking, but most of all let it challenge your behaviour.


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