Bootcamp here I come

So… a couple of days ago I received the news that I’m through to the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Boot camp.

Out of over 200 applications Unwind Your Mind has been one of forty projects chosen to go through to the next stage. Yay….

So the boot camp is next Thursday which means I will have to go up to Dublin on Wednesday night. I should have plenty time on the five hour bus journey to practice my pitch!

The boot camp consists of a full day training with great facilitators such as Julian Davis from Fleishman and Hilliard, Nathalie Mc Dermott from Social Animals and Mark Carrigan  from Brakeley Fundraising Consultants.

And the scary part is that I have to do a 10 minute pitch in front of three judges (one of whom will be one of the dragons from Dragons Den) Four minutes pitching time and six minutes of questions.


I’ll keep you posted. Oh and wish me luck!


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