Never Stop Fighting


2 thoughts on “Never Stop Fighting

  1. Mental Health seams to be getting worse in this country at the moment!!! Why is nobody doing anything about it and it is very hard to get help for it!!! Could u suggest any places or contacts that cud help me please!! It wud be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi there, it really depends on where you live in the country. There is a great helpline called 1life which may be useful to you.

      The website also has great health information particularly around mental health.

      Headstrong is a charity which are providing mental health services to young people up to age 25 and you can find more information on

      I’m not sure if any of this helps but the best place to start is prob with your GP- some womens centres also provide free counselling.

      I guess the big thing is to not give up as its so difficult to get help. Keep trying. You deserve help and its your right to get it. If you want send me an email on and i’ll see if I can help you more

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