Psychiatrists and Puppies

Puppy licking face

The above picture says it all really. Sometimes its the simple little things that make all the difference in life.

I may as well go on the record and say that I’m not the biggest fan of psychiatrists. I’m sure there are some great ones out there, but I’ve had the unfortunate experience of meeting too many bad ones.

Maybe its because I hate their reliance on medication, when sometimes counselling is all that is needed. Maybe its because a lot of them are so clinical and don’t have great people skills.

I also hate the empty feeling you are left with after spilling your soul to a complete stranger only to have them write you a prescription and ask you to come back in a few months.

But a puppy on the other hand…. is always willing to cheer you up, always there when you need a hug, and is never in a bad mood.

If I was a psychiatrist I would spend my time prescribing puppies to people who are depressed. My dog has made such a difference to my life, and I know a lot of people who would say the same.

What’s your opinion on psychiatrists? Or puppies for that matter


9 thoughts on “Psychiatrists and Puppies

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  3. I too do not care for psychiatrists very much and for the same reasons. And I understand about the empty feeling you get when leaving and really got no help. Even my husband commented that I was always in a really bad mood when I came home from a session and was all to happy when I said I was through with them.

    More than not, I would be in a good state of mind the day of my appt. and dragging up stuff they said I needed to talk about and then getting nothing but the, as you put it, “A prescription and an appt. for 3 months later.” Left me, I admit, angry.

    I have tried recently to try and find another one and have called several places. My very first question is always, “Are you excepting new patients”. I’d say 8 out of 10 would reply yes. Then they would ask what was it I was in need of, Medication, counseling, or both. Since I have had horrors on ALL med’s I have taken. Quitting cold turkey after just a few days, or being taken off of them by my Dr. for various hideous side effects, all I wanted was counseling or talk therapy.

    Immediately I was told that they were going to send me some paper work to fill out and return and then I would get a call to set up an appt. EVERY single one, after filling out and returning the “required” paper work, I would get a post-card or phone call that they were sorry, but by the time they received my paperwork, the were full up an could not except any more new patients! BS! They just wanted patients they could spend 15mins with, throw some pills at and then have the gall to send me a $50-100 bill for their “services”. Not to mention the cost of the prescription.

    So, I have had to try and find ways of coping on my own, through trial and error. But, I have done pretty well and seem to be doing ok. I would definitely benefit from some therapy, but I see now, that is not going to happen and at this point I do not care anymore. I have a pretty good support system of family and friends and they DO care enough to listen when I really need to talk, not in the middle of a good day, that the Dr’s would inevitably ruin.

    1. Thanks for the reply Stacey.

      I’m sorry to hear of the hassle you have in getting help. Unfort it seems a lot of people have a similar problem.

      I hope that things turn around for you-

  4. Marie, I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately, my overall experience of psychiatrists ranges from inadequate to just plain poor. I know a lot of people who hate going to their psych but continue to go so as to have a record to prove history of depression for the benefits people. I have heard a psych say at a lecture that his training was 98% pharmacology…2% counselling skills. This just says it all.. Sorry for sounding so negative but I have very low expectations from that area now.. get my help from friends, family, counsellors, self-help groups and reading. xox

  5. I haven’t yet taken up the option of a psychiatric referral, but am having some great short-term counselling.

    I don’t have a dog, but would say what great therapy fancy rats are! I love being licked by one of my precious pets!

  6. I’ve got a good psychiatrist, but our relationship is interesting. He’s a firm believer in CBT, but leaves that to a psychologist who is more trained in that area. Rather, he wants to know symptoms and things like “are you experiencing paranoia?” more than “are you having bad days?” But that’s because of the set up for psychiatric care for our university. It’s meant for emergencies and also treating people who don’t have anywhere else to go. So they’re very pert due to an overloaded schedule. But it’s free after all, so I’ll take what I can get. Plus, he has a very sensible outlook on medication. Where it should be minimal and not interfere with life that much. Medication lays the foundation for CBT, but doesn’t replace it.

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