Walking around Donegal

Tra Mor, Dunfanaghy Jan 2018

In August I relocated to Donegal after 6 years in Dublin. I miss Dublin lots and living back in a rural area definitely has its downsides. But there are positives. I am surrounded by beauty everywhere.

I’ve been doing lots of walking since I moved back. I’m always astounded by the absolute beauty in this county.

There is so much research to show that exercise has a huge positive impact on your mental health. Exercise in nature has proven itself to be even more effective. I’ll be writing a blog post on the benefits of exercise on your mental health very soon.

Tra Mor Beach Dunfanaghy, Dec 2017.

I’ve been walking lots in nature and it is helping. (Even if it’s only a tiny bit some days) I’ve put some of the pics I’ve taken on my phone into a short video (It’s only 1.40 mins long so check it out)

All pics have been taken on my Samsung Galaxy S7. You can also see more of my pics on my Instagram account 


2 thoughts on “Walking around Donegal

    1. To be fair, Its’s really bloody hard Aileen. But there’s a phrase used a lot in mental health circles ( but is true of anything really) that ‘Activation precedes motivation’ and basically that means that you have to keep doing a thing a long long time before you are motivated to do it if that makes sense. I’ve been walking about 8km about four or five times a week since the beginning of September. I think it’s only been in the past month that I’m starting to appreciate the walking. I don’t always enjoy it, and often I don’t even feel any better for it, but right now if it’s not doing me any harm so why not keep doing it? It’s also motivating to see my body shape changing, and also I know I eat better when I’m exercising so I guess it has a knock on effect and benefits even if I don’t walls recognise them.

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