Updated- Links to some of my work

So I have recently updated a page with links to some of my work. I’ve written thousands of articles over the years but have never really had one place to read a lot of it. I’ve posted links to some of it below. I’m always adding to it, and have lots more to add. So watch this space

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Publications I have written for

I have written thousands of articles for different publications. I obviously can’t list them all here but I’ve included some links to a small sample of them below.

  • In 2008 I won an Investing on Health Media Award for an article I wrote about a young man in my community called Richard Alcorn who suffered horrific injuries in a car crash. Richard does amazing work on road safety and has won awards for his work. Life’s never over you can always start again
  • I was also shortlisted for New Feature Writer of the year in the National Council for the Training of Journalists ( NCTJ) for the article on Richard but also another one I wrote on Ian Howley, a suicide survivor who was campaigning for improved mental health services for young people. ( I don’t have a link to that article but I’m trying to find one so watch this space.)
  • Aswell as editing SpunOut.ie from 2012-2017, I wrote for them on a regular basis as a volunteer from 2004. From 2004-2017 I wrote thousands of articles.
  • I also published the book-  SpunOut.ie Survival Guide to Life.  It’s currently out of print and 10,000 copies have been distributed around Ireland. You can access a free pdf or kindle version here.
  • I have had articles published in The Irish News ( I did my college placement there and worked on the news desk where I published articles daily), The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, Donegal News, The Donegal Democrat, Tirconaill Tribune, Donegal Daily, The Journal.ie, Broadsheet.ie, A Lust for Life, and I have edited and written thousands of articles for award winning website spunout.ie

The Irish Times:

I have written a number of articles for The Irish Times but I can’t seem to find them anymore. Here’s two below that I was able to.


The Irish Sunday Mirror:

Suicide rates will keep on soaring until care services are boosted

The Journal.ie:

Part of you wants to tell someone, but you’re afraid

Donegal News:

I wrote a number of columns aimed at young people for the Donegal Youth Council which appeared in the Donegal News in 2010 and 2011.

Face Up Magazine:

I wrote feature articles and kept a health column in the monthly magazine for young people.

The Mighty:

I have published a number of articles on The Mighty which is an internationally well-known mental health website based in the USA. The Mighty have over one million registered users and add a new one every 20 seconds. Their stories are viewed and shared more than 90 million times a month.



You can also find me blogging on Medium  If you use Medium please feel free to follow me.




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Donegal News 2012

Below are a small selection of articles that I have been featured in.


Mental Health Journals I have been published in:

I was involved in the writing of  International Declaration for Youth Mental Health and as a result it was published in a number of mental health journals.


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