Breaking down my blog’s stats

So this blog has been around for a while. I started in in 2009, but didn’t blog on it really between 2012-2017 except maybe one or two blogs. Despite the lack of posting, people still continued to check it out.

If you want to read some of the background you can check out the history and why I started the blog here.

Stats for Unwind Your Mind

The blog’s most popular years were 2011 and 2012.

Since the beginning for the blog there has been a total of 255 posts which isn’t that much really. The majority of these posts are from 2010 and 2011.

I set up is 2012 so didn’t post on this blog again until 2015/2016 when I posted one blog.

In 2017 I have posted 9 blogs. The plan is to continue posting here and growing the visitor numbers.

I want to reach the 100,000 visits mark for my blog which is really achievable. It is already on the way there with thousands and thousands of people checking out the blog on a regular basis.


What countries have people visited the blog from?

People from 153 countries have visited the blog, which is pretty unbelievable! The four top countries were Ireland, USA, United Kingdom and Canada.


What are the most popular posts on the blog?

Top search terms

  • Don’t forget to smile
  • Unwind Your Mind
  • Positive sayings
  • Eminem depression
  • When a friend dies suddenly


Top referrers

  1. Search engines were the top referrers to the blog.  (Almost 5 times that of Facebook referral) The top search engines were: Google, Google images, Bing, and Yahoo.
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. ( Early in the life time of the blog I had a Facebook Cause which had over 60,000 members)
  5. Networked Blogs


So that’s a sum up of some of the stats over the past few years.

Considering that there have been few posts over the past few years, thousands and thousands of people still continued to visit the blog.

The plan is to post once or twice a week over the next few months to see if I can grow the numbers visiting.

This year’s goal is to reach 100,000 visits.


Watch this space….




Please don’t give up




Mental health doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone at any time. It doesn’t care that you don’t have time for this shit, it’s a weekend, or after 5pm.

If you are struggling today please read my blog post which is linked below. I don’t know you, but I do know that you don’t have to do this alone. There is help out there and although it can sometimes just feel too much, or impossible- you can do it. It’s not a race, there’s no rush. Just one tiny baby step at a time. One small minute at a time. You’ve got this 🙄

If you are feeling suicidal, please reach out. To a friend, family-member, mental health help-line, doctor etc just someone. Take some time to read my blog post-war it might help you or someone who really needs to see it will see it shared in your social media accounts. Go easy, be gentle. Xx
A message for anyone who is feeling suicidal 

Remember you can speak to someone confidentially no matter what time of the day or night by calling Pieta House Helpline on 1800 247 247, or Samaritans on 116 123.

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Where’s your happy place?

We all need that one place where we can feel at ease and even a little content. For me that place has to be the beach. Walking on the beach, while listening to the waves crashing on the rocks and having the sea wash around my feet is so special.

There’s very few places where I feel content in myself anymore. Everyone is surrounded by stress and the busyness of our fast paced world. Very few of us really disconnect anymore.

Take me for example I’m always on my phone, or online. I rarely disconnect. Even when I’m chilling out to watch a DVD, I’m browsing on my phone. So really, I never really unwind.

Except for when I’m walking on the beach. Continue reading “Where’s your happy place?”

Walking around Donegal

Tra Mor, Dunfanaghy Jan 2018

In August I relocated to Donegal after 6 years in Dublin. I miss Dublin lots and living back in a rural area definitely has its downsides. But there are positives. I am surrounded by beauty everywhere.

I’ve been doing lots of walking since I moved back. I’m always astounded by the absolute beauty in this county.

There is so much research to show that exercise has a huge positive impact on your mental health. Exercise in nature has proven itself to be even more effective. I’ll be writing a blog post on the benefits of exercise on your mental health very soon.

Tra Mor Beach Dunfanaghy, Dec 2017.

I’ve been walking lots in nature and it is helping. (Even if it’s only a tiny bit some days) I’ve put some of the pics I’ve taken on my phone into a short video (It’s only 1.40 mins long so check it out)

All pics have been taken on my Samsung Galaxy S7. You can also see more of my pics on my Instagram account 

What Star Wars taught me about my darkest times

Carrie Fisher


I’m just out of seeing the latest Star Wars film. You either love or hate Star Wars but I was a big fan of the late Carrie Fisher whose first year anniversary was today. She had a long history with mental illness and addiction and a lot of wisdom around the struggles that come with both of them.

It can be so hard to keep going when things are tough. But one of the quotes from the film today really stuck with me. Rey one of the lead characters asks Fisher’s character Leia : “How do we rebuild the force from this?” To which Fisher simply replies, “We have everything we need.”

Even when you don’t feel like it, when things are so tough that you have lost all hope. You need to hang in there because despite not feeling like it, you have everything you need.

Even if that means reaching out to someone for support. You can do that. It might be struggle, but no matter how bad things feel right now, you can do it.

If you need to talk you can ring Pieta House, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm for free on 1800 247 247, or Samaritans Ireland on 116 123.

*Update- What I’m up to

So I’ve been really busy. Some of the things I’ve been doing.

I’ve just started a part-time college course with University College Cork- It’s called Mental Health in the Community. It’s really interesting so far, and I think it will be really useful in helping me advocate for myself and other service users. It’s extremely academic and there’s lots of coursework and my brain hasn’t been challenged in so long. Fingers crossed it still works.

Lots of walking. I’m walking between 30km and 45km every week. I’ve never walked so much! I’m getting to experience the best of Donegal beaches, and some beautiful walks. I’ll write a post soon with some of my favorite walks around Donegal.

I’m also doing a 6 weeks course with Aware in Letterkenny called Lifeskills. It’s extremely useful and I’d really recommend it. More info on There’s also an online version which is definitely worth checking out if there’s no workshop in your area.

I’ve started Chi Gong, and I really love it. I’ve been doing a LOT of mindfulness over the past few months but I’m finding absolutely no benefit from it. My mind is just far too busy. But doing the movements of Chi Gong with the meditation and mindfulness really helps. It doesn’t stop the millions of thoughts that are buzzing around my head, but it does slow them down a tiny bit which is better than nothing.

Weekly Acupuncture sessions are an important part of my week. I have found an amazing Acupuncturist and I swear I really believe that she is helping keep me out of hospital. She is amazing, and I’d really recommend trying Acupuncture with a good Acupuncturist. I never had any belief in complementary therapies but I would go so far as to say that it has kept me alive.

I’m also working on two brand new websites. One for a community magazine I’m involved with, and the second a website on the benefits of writing and keeping a journal. (Watch this space)